We are tireless in our mission to be the world’s foremost gemstone supplier, actively leading the growth and development of the industry and promoting trust and transparency across the industry.


Unearthing precious gemstones is a delicate business and although there have been significant advancements in the methods used; the final stages are still done by hand.

Unlike traditional commodities, with gemstones it is very difficult to evaluate the quality and value of a deposit at the exploration stage, and the terrain is often inhospitable and remote. The process of appraising a deposit and its terrain conditions requires time and experience. At FC Gems, we have a team of experts who understand this very unique geology and mining conditions.

Our leadership position within the coloured gemstone industry is demonstrated in the way we embrace innovation in exploration & mining, and in our commitment to sustainability. Utilising our knowledge, combining it with cutting-edge technology and the use of the most innovative techniques, means that we can produce a consistent supply of gemstones, always looking to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment.

We constantly evaluate and appraise our efficiencies across all of our operations, continuously improving our business.