Coloured gemstones have been treasured since before the beginning of recorded history. And yet, in jewellery terms, we have lived through a period in which these fine gemstones have not been fully appreciated to the fullest extent. The second half of the 20th century was, if you like, the golden age of the white diamond. However, it is clear that mankind is once again rediscovering its inherent love for colourful jewels.

Historically, the coloured gemstone industry has been fragmented, mostly serviced by small independent artisanal producers, scattered around the globe. This has meant that supply has not always been consistent or reliable, prices have fluctuated and the provenance of these fine gems has often been difficult to determine.

Formal marketing and promotion has been scant. Such conditions have benefited neither producers nor consumers. But it is a situation that FC Gems is determined to change – and one that presents an exceptional business opportunity at the same time.

We are working to bring together resources and expertise to integrate this long-overlooked sector and thereby to ensure a consistent supply of premium-quality, responsibly sourced coloured gemstones. As evidenced by the ever increasing prices being achieved at auctions, it is clear that demand for precious coloured gemstones is on the rise.